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    Company Name:Rinka Corporation
    Established:November 18, 78
    Company Address:42084 No. 105, Lane 115, Shuiyuan Road, Fengyuan City, Taichung County
    Registered Capital:10,000 yuan
    Existing Employee: 30 people,Among them, there are 10 people in the medical materials department.
    Main Products: Winding machines, wire feeders, wire binding machines, shaping machines, paper inserters and medical materials divisions of motor production equipment
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Company History
  • February of the Republic of ChinaMr. Liu Yansheng founded the Shengyuan Iron Factory with the sole proprietorship, selling ceiling fans, and then producing table fans in the following year, and all kinds of fans for the province.
  • The 65th year of the Republic of ChinaFrom partnership to company organization, it was named Shengyuan Household Appliances Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Jingwen took over the position of chairman.
  • Seventy-eight years of the Republic of ChinaLunjia Industrial Co., Ltd. is independent from Shengyuan Home Appliances, focusing on the manufacture and sale of motor equipment.
  • April of the Republic of ChinaDesign and development of steam sterilizers.
  • October of the Republic of ChinaDesign and develop injection pumps.
  • July of the Republic of ChinaEstablished the Medical Materials Division.
  • The Republic of China in 1998Apply for GMP certification.

Business philosophy
Since its establishment in 1988, Lunjia Industrial Co., Ltd. has adhered to the business philosophy of “good quality, good service, good management and control”, constantly researching and developing and creating its own brand, and successively launching high-quality products to seek for the enterprise’s eternal Continued development; and supply a wide range of market demand-oriented, to provide products with the quality of the world's major manufacturers, and to provide products with long-term stable quality and good after-sales service, so Lunjia insists on self-developed unique functions to protect customers The correctness of the post service part. Quality Policy Quality adheres to perfection, never delays, and service is always first.